Love Yourself:  The Course

Love Yourself: The Course

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It is so easy to fall into a pattern of putting others first, setting your needs on the back burner, or spiritually bypassing your opportunities to heal and expand. But when you pause and learn to love yourself first, and love is leading your life, you embody the happiness of the present moment and the rest of your life falls into alignment. 

I created this course because I’ve heard your questions, struggles, and challenges around overwhelm and wanting more love and peace. My mission is to support as many people as possible in having the experience of waking up and rising into a new level of love and consciousness. 

This course includes the basic skills that are integral to experiencing self-love from my personal and professional experience as a coach over the past ten years. I want you to have them, practice them, embody them. From that space of self-love, more love will organically permeate into the other areas of your life.